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Creative Electronics


April 2021

Extra Material

Sometimes we forget to water our plants or contrariwise might water them too much. Other times we might place them in areas that don’t provide the necessary amount of sunlight for photosynthesis. AutoPlant solves these issues by watering and illuminating your plant on its own. AutoPlant is designed to accommodate your own plants, such as flowers or herbs, and it is small enough to be placed anywhere in the house. You just have to fill the tank, place the plant and put the moisture sensor in the soil.
The pump automatically starts sending water to the plant when the humidity in the soil is too low and it stops when the water increases the humidity too much. Additionally, an LED strip, with specific wave length, above the plant light up when the illumination of the environment is low, giving allowing the plant to photosynthesise. As the plant and the pot are interchangeable and different soils can have different moisture contents, a calibration of the humidity sensor is needed to set the value of the dry soil. To do so one can simply turn the potentiometer on the back until a green LED next to it lights up. Then a switch can be closed to let the pump work when necessary.

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