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Wave Machine: A Mechanical Exploration into Tranquillity


Creative Mechanical Engineering


June 2023


Stef Klaassen

Ines Sanguessuga Ascensão

Siddharth Mahadevan

Extra Material

In this course we had to design, engineer, realise and demonstrate a device which can show one emotion. The emotion we chose was satisfaction. The machine was realised using rapid prototyping manufacturing techniques, Exact Kinematic Constraint design techniques, mechanics and Finite Element Analysis.


The assignment provided to us was to develop a mechanical system which evokes an emotion. When ideating for this assignment, we landed upon the idea of satisfying automata and wanted to design a mechanical system which emulates a similar emotion, one of satisfaction, or tranquillity. In order to do this, we investigated what could engender these emotions, and we found the motion of waves to be calming and inculcating these emotions within ourselves. Thus began our journey to probe how to realise this motion and emotion in a mechanical system began. We explored using a camshaft and moving a set of “waves”, the individual plates which attach to the camshaft to embody these waves, and therefore emulate waves as a system.

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