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Research paper:
QcaRd - Research into gifting cards containing video messages


Design <> Research


January 2022


Ember Peters

Anna Siebers

Extra Material

In this course, I learned how to use a specific form of design research, called Research through Design, with the purpose of generating knowledge.

The final assignment for the course was to write up design in research in an academic paper format.

About the paper:

This paper shows the research about a combination of digital gifting and personalization. How can a digital gift be made more personal? Is a video personal? Do users understand how a QR-code works? We designed a prototype of a birthday card with a QR-code, that shows a video when you scan it (the QcaRd), to explore whether people would accept this as a gift and if people consider a video as personal. We did user tests with 8 participants, and we let them explore our prototype with the QR-code and a ‘normal’ birthday card, which is a card with a note in it. Additionally, the participants were asked questions about their experience with the prototypes and their thoughts. This research shows that age does not influence what people think of digital gifts and their opinion on personal videos. Also, people rather receive a gift in person, but if that is not possible, they prefer a birthday card with a personal video over a birthday card with just a message. 

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