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In terms of my future plans, I am determined to continue my journey in product design in Delft. This next step will allow me to delve deeper into the process of creating tangible products for the market. 
In addition to my focus on product design, I have decided to embark on a pre-master program in Architecture, Building, and Planning. As stated in my PI&V, I have always held a deep fascination for the spaces we inhabit. I believe that architecture and industrial design can complement each other nicely. This program will enable me to explore how various products can seamlessly integrate into architectural spaces. Moreover, I recognise the significant role that aesthetics and appearance play in the success of a space. Drawing upon my background in industrial design, which emphasises creativity, aesthetics, and user-centred design, I believe that I can contribute a unique perspective to the field of architecture.
By combining my industrial design degree with a pre-master program in Architecture, Building, and Planning, I want to develop a holistic understanding of the relationship between products and the spaces they inhabit. This comprehensive knowledge will empower me to design products that not only excel in functionality but also harmonise with their surroundings, enhancing the overall user experience.

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