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Professional Identity

As a designer, I am intrigued by the relationship between objects, spaces, and the people who interact with them. I find the experiences and practical advantages offered by these relationships fascinating. To me, design is a balance between passion-driven aesthetics and purpose-driven problem-solving.
In terms of my professional identity, I envision myself as a physical product designer. I like to explore various physical and digital tools, as well as design methods, to address these challenges. I have a particular interest in high-tech rapid prototyping methods such as 3D printing and laser-cutting technology. Additionally, I possess skills in digital 3D sketching and CAD modelling, allowing me to create and prepare models for production.
Collaborating with me is straightforward, as I am calm, practical, and observant. I thrive under pressure and maintain a stress-resistant mindset. Hard work and striving for excellence are qualities most often recognised in me by my teammates. I believe that simple solutions only become apparent after investing the necessary effort and dedication.
Another aspect of my professional identity is that I like to help others. I try to deliver an unobtrusive and enjoyable experience that adds value to customers and end users. Creating a harmonious blend of aesthetically pleasing and functional prototypes is a priority for me. In order to deliver that I believe that empathising with users creates these meaningful connections between them and the design. 

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