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Project 1


June 2021


Sam Crichton

Renée Roestenberg

Willem Neelissen

Extra Material

Food waste accounts for around the 3rd largest carbon footprint globally (6%) when compared with national emissions and only China (21%) and the USA (13%) have larger total carbon footprint. This is a problem that needs to be addressed if we are to have a sustainable future. While many companies see food waste a problem we see it as an inevitable end-product. Instead of minimizing food waste completely, we concluded that there would always be a certain level of unavoidable food waste that could be converted into something useful.

The main aim of this project is to successfully integrate a new system and product to allow for effective collection of this food waste in a smart city. We want to encourage people in Eindhoven to separate and distribute their food waste to a centralised system and create a sense of community in doing so. Similarly, we want people to feel more of a collective responsibility for the environment and to understand how working together can have a great positive impact.

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