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Making Sense of Sensors


May 2022


M. van der Linden

D.W. Sieben

G.H. Weevers

R.C. van Wershoven

Extra Material

Every person needs to get enough sleep to function properly. However, there are issues with students' sleep quality, which could potentially be caused by influencing and external factors. This study focuses on how the students' heart rates during (deep) sleep are affected by temperature, humidity, and air quality. The connectivity of temperature and humidity are researched, as well as several external factors that possibly affect temperature, humidity, and air quality.

The results showed a relationship between temperature and humidity. The relationship between heart rate during sleep and humidity is negligible. Besides, there is no relationship between air quality and heartrate during night nor between the percentage of deep sleep and average air quality per night. The influencing factors can, however, be used in further research to find interesting relations

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