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External Activity


February 2023

As part of my bachelor in Industrial Design at the TU/e I chose for my external learning activity to do an internship at a company in the Netherlands. In the summer of 2022, I applied to multiple design companies and studios. After receiving two offers I decided to do my internship at Manometric. My goals and interests matching the field of work and values of Manometric were the basis of that decision. In order to be well integrated into the team my internship had to last at least three months. It started in September and concluded in February of 2023.

Manometric is a company that specialises in the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. They develop their own proprietary 3D scanning and printing technologies. As a design company, they strive to change orthoses and prosthetics from necessities to products people like to wear by making beautiful brace designs.

My position was in the R&D team and more specifically on the development of new braces. In that team, I mostly worked under the supervision of my company coach Bart Bossenbroek, a senior design engineer, Vincent Laagland, a senior industrial designer and Daan Janssen, also a senior design engineer and head of the R&D team. Within the team, I worked on independent projects as well as assisting in other projects in minor ways.

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