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Design for Vitality


April 2022


Camille Laumen
Matin Maskitou

Niels Horrevoets

Pietro Martuzzi

Extra Material

Right now there is a lot of space but barely any opportunities to meet new people at the Ketelhuisplein. Altough the Ketelhuisplein is surrounded by large residential and industrial buildings the square at the Ketelhuisplein is often very empty Sports can be a great tool to promote social interaction, social cohesion and contribute to healthier lifestyles. So the focus of this project is to design people-environment interactions in which the choice for physically active or vitality related behaviors is self-evident. In this challenge, we were asked to design a solution on how to use the outdoor public space to move people, by inviting them to engage in physical activity?
Ktile is an interactive layout of tiles specifically designed for the Ketelhuisplein on which people can come together to engage in physical activity and maintain social interaction. The tiles in the layout work together or independently to display any kind of game. Games like the floor is lava, speed run, memory dancing games and much more can be played on this tile layout. All it takes is choosing the tile that represents the game you want to play and the fun can start.

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