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My vision for my professional career is to become a versatile design engineer capable of addressing a wide range of technical design problems. Through ongoing projects and experiences, I aim to further develop my skills and knowledge in order to tackle challenges with creativity and innovation. My goal is to contribute positively to society by designing impactful solutions that meet real needs and improve people's lives in their personal spaces.

In my design vision, I like to use tangible design to create innovative and user-centric solutions that bridge the gap between technology and human experience. Inspired by the work of designers like Hiroshi Ishii and concepts like tangible user interfaces, I believe that incorporating tangible elements into digital interactions can enhance the usability of products.


I envision designing products that inherently communicate their functionality through affordances, making interactions more instinctive for users. Through that, I want to create a seamless user-product relationship, where users can touch, feel, and manipulate physical objects to interact with digital information. It is my belief that this can make technology more approachable and accessible and create a deeper connection between users and the products they use.


Furthermore, I aspire to adopt a value-based design approach that tailors products and services to meet individual needs in a more personalised manner. By understanding and addressing users' unique requirements through tangible design, I envision creating solutions that resonate with them on a deeper level.

For me, design is not solely about superficial appearances; it is a means through which designers express their beliefs in the form of products. It encompasses emotions, usability, social relevance, and durability. To be considered well-designed, products should provide users with an experiential journey that is intuitive. This requires a thoughtful combination of appropriate materials, optimal forms, and practical applicability. I personally greatly like to emphasise the prototyping phase as it allows me to invest extra effort in creating a tangible experience for the client, enabling them to feel a sense of connection to the final product.

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